Our Recipe Philosophy

There are countless websites, videos, books, and blogs out there with recipes available. When we decided to start adding recipes to our website we wanted to make sure we were a little different than many of the other recipe sites out there, so we created a philosophy to follow in order to give you the best recipes we can. Many of these points come from elements on other websites that we found irksome and we wanted to make sure we didn't have the same problems.

Here is what you should expect from our recipes:

Recipe front and center
When you look at our recipes thats exactly what you get, a recipe! No need to scroll through a life story to get to what you are looking for.

Easy to print
We have made sure that our recipes print cleanly when you use our built in print button. No printing of unrelated portions of the website here.

Smaller portioned recipes when possible.
We find it easier to scale things up than it is to scale them down and we have no need for recipes that can feed a small army. We try to keep our portions smaller where can, but it's difficult to do 1/3 of an egg so sometimes there is only so much we can do.

Well organized ingredient lists and directions
Nothings worse than a poorly written recipe that is just one giant step. We strive to write out our recipes in a way that makes it easy to follow. This means things like breaking steps down as much as possible, putting the ingredients in the order they will be used, and grouping things under clear headings when a recipe requires multiple parts.

Tested Recipes
No "Pinterest" style recipes that just don't work or are flashy with no substance.

Quality over Quantity
It is clear that some sites are just trying to produce a consistent stream of content to upkeep ad revenue, but that inevitably leads to it being lower quality. As passionate home cooks who just do this on the side we are not bound by any schedule, so recipes will only be posted when we believe they are good enough to share. This means there may be long periods between recipes being added, but we believe that this is acceptable.

Weight measurements when important
Some recipes require precision, so we make sure to include metric weight measurements when applicable. For those of you without a kitchen scale we also include the approximate volume measurements, but we highly recommend you purchase a scale for your kitchen. They are inexpensive and well worth the money.

Vegan options where possible
One of the players in our group is vegan, so you will notice that a number of our recipes will be vegan or include options to make it vegan friendly.